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What Can Recruitment Agencies Toronto Do For You?

Looking for your first job and finding it can be tough. Being able to search successfully for one when you are in the midst of your job search can be pretty challenging too. Going the whole hog alone is not going to be easy on your mind particularly when you feel success eluding you at every step. Fret not though for you can get the able assistance of a quality staffing agency that will guide you through every twist and turn until you land a job that both interests and excites you. The pay packet is definitely an added advantage here. However, you need to be aware of certain facts about the placement agencies that take huge pains to build your career.

Common FAQs

Recruitment Agencies Toronto: What Are They?

Also known as staffing or recruitment agencies as well as headhunters, the role of the employment professionals is to fill the job vacancies pertaining to a specific company with the right candidates. Yes, they generally work on behalf of a company in exchange for a fee to conduct a candidate search, shortlist the CVs, contact them and help them prepare for the interview with the company taking care to guide them as closely as possible. Alternatively, they handle the entire process of recruitment from end to end thereby allowing the company personnel to do what they can do best i.e. concentrate on their own business.

The recruitment process

  • A company HR usually finds the agency deemed to suitable for handling the recruitment and informs the concerned authority about the job profile of the prospective employee. The head hunter then goes through the agency database of candidates seeking a job and shortlists the CVs that seem to be a perfect fit.
  • The agency also frequently advertises for the job opening on behalf of the company, if the database does not have exact matches.
  • Contacting each one of them is next in line and the agency forwards the CVs of the candidates who are willing to be interviewed.

How does an individual looking for jobs get registered with an agency?

  • Most recruitment agencies Toronto encourage the job seekers to approach them directly. It is customary to fix an appointment before dropping in and submitting your CV.
  • The agencies also search online job portals frequently and contact the candidates directly when they need to close a vacancy quickly.

How can an individual apply for a job via a placement agency?

  • The agency will broker the deal between you and the company by forwarding your CV and contacting you for an interview if your CV is found to fit with the role.
  • However, the placement agency will help you by guiding you about the interview and share tips as well as assist you by providing important information about the company and its work culture.
  • You will thus be able to attend the interview after being totally prepared for it.

Advantages of registering with an agency

  • You will be contacted for multiple job openings periodically until you get one
  • You will be able to obtain a quick training of handling interviews effectively thereby becoming empowered in more ways than one
  • You will learn how to write a proper CV and cover letter
  • You will be able to enhance your knowledge about specialist jobs
  • You will get the feedbacks from both the recruiter and the agency head


No recruitment agencies Toronto are supposed to ask you for fees or payment in exchange for placing you with a company.

The Aftermath

Securing a job is not the end of your relationship with the agency though. The agency continues to play an active role by:-

  • Handling most of the paperwork
  • Keep close contact with the company head so that you are fully prepared to begin work from day 1
  • They are also known to negotiate the salary on behalf of the employee

The task of job hunting becomes that much easier when you have quality recruitment agencies Toronto to turn to.