Top Skills You Need For A Career In Accounting

The job of an accountant in India is both strong and well-paying. Accountants are responsible for collecting, organizing and tracking financial information for the firms they work with. Preparing financial reports with respect to assets, revenues, expenses and liabilities for internal use by workers, shareholders, the government and various other external entities, is a major part of the roles and responsibilities of an accountant.

Since accountants shoulder such major responsibilities for their organization, individuals applying to these jobs are required to hold the right qualification and specific skill sets to qualify. If you are an accounts fresher looking for job in india, the first thing to do in this direction is to ensure that you bring along the core skill sets required for the job.

Among the core skills that are required for the job of an accountant, the important ones are:–

Numerical skills

Individuals are required to have sound numerical abilities to not only qualify for an accountant or account assistant’s job, but also keep it for long. You do not have to be a mathematical genius to survive as an accountant; however, being able to carry out basic to advanced level mathematics confidently, will certainly work in your favor and smoothen things at work for you.

You should know your way around decimals and percentage, and also be able to use mathematical tools for complex amounts.

Analytical skills

Accountancy does not just concern itself with calculations alone. Using figures to evaluate financial situations is a crucial part of the job as well. As an accountant, you will have to analyze finances in context of the current regulations, and produce reasonable advices to resolve the problems.

As has been witnessed within the industry, organizations that have in-house team of accountants often require them to come up with solutions to financial problems, and also make recommendations for meeting the future goals for the company.

Communication skills

One might think that accounting jobs would translate into long spells sitting behind a desk, but that’s not the reality. Communication is an important part of such jobs as well. Several accountants specializing in a particular area and working with a firm are required to work as a part of a team, contributing their expertise towards a large project.

As an accountant, you will have to explain numbers to non-financial people, be it your clients, your cross-functional colleagues, or even your CEO. This applies more to management accountants, who are responsible for communicating financial information to others in the organization, contributing to discussions and aiding in decision-making.


Staying constantly aware of the changes in one’s field and industry is among the key skills that can help accountants truly succeed in their careers. This is essentially true with meeting regulations, as a major facet of an accountant’s role when ensuring that the firm meets its financial obligations, is corresponding with legislative developments.

Besides the above, staying aware of new technological developments alongside understanding modifications in your client’s industry can help you interpret what the client expects from you.

In addition to the key skills required for an accountant’s job, imbibing some important soft skills to your resume can significantly improve your prospects of bagging the job. Prime among these skills are organizational capabilities, which basically refers to handling responsibilities in a systematic manner.

Other than that, you could add adaptability and time management too; with the growing complexity of work across organizations, these skills will make you valuable to any organization. Last but certainly not the least, integrity and honesty are chief values that not only make you a good individual, but a preferable employee with any organization.