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The Importance of Proper Workplace Skills Planning

With an increasing number of skilled labourers exiting the labour force there is a definite need for skills development in South Africa. Businesses are also encouraged to strive towards acceptable BEE levels and compliance with the Skills Development Act. What some businesses do not realise, though, is that you need to submit a workplace skills plan (WSP) to do this.

What is a WSP?

A WSP is the term used to refer to a business’s plan for training and skills development programmes, as described by the Skills Development Act. This plan needs to be submitted together with a Pivotal Plan and Annual Training Report, which will then be approved by whichever SETA the business is required to register with.

Why you should submit a WSP

Simply put, although it is not legally compulsory for a business to submit a WSP, it is necessary to be fully compliant with the requirements of the Skills Development Act and other relevant regulations. By not submitting a WSP your skills development programmes will not earn you any points towards the BEE scorecard, which in turn affects your BEE compliance. This can be financially damaging to a company, as many clients and potential business partners have strict BEE level requirements set for those with whom they do business. You will also forfeit both the Mandatory Grant and Discretionary grant by not being sufficiently compliant.

Another consequence that compounds the issue above of limiting business opportunities with other companies is the likelihood of unsuccessful tender bids. Winning tenders is often a huge financial boost to companies, but the tender process is very strict in terms of qualifying and even pre-qualifying criteria. Should your business not be at the required BEE level or not have a WSP submitted, it is highly likely that your bid will be unsuccessful.

How you can ensure proper WSP submission

In order to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the Skills Development Act and that compilation and submission of your WSP, Pivotal Plan and Annual Training Report goes smoothly, you should make use of skills development facilitators. One of the best sources for advice and skills development facilitation services is SERR Synergy. Get in touch with them and get the assurance that your business is on the right track.