As a skilled labourer who is looking to sell a skill to make money online on a platform like fiverr, having relevant work experience on your CV is not to convince clients that you are the right person needed to do their job. The best approach is a lacklustre 1-hour interview that you can give to people about yourself. The question becomes, how do you approach a conversation with confidence and the required knowledge you need to have before you can sell your skill. Here are steps to take to achieve that.

Set the scene

Every good sales pitch requires a good opener. The common mistake that people make is that they don’t remember to start their speech with right words capable of engaging the hearts and minds of the people they want to address. They have forgotten that even though the recruiter has read their CV that is not enough as evidence to show that they qualify for the job. The reverse is the case, you have only raised the recruiter’s interest, but you need to prove to them that you are capable and ready to give it what it takes.

Think about your results

At the stage where it requires that you explain your career journey and accomplishments. Try as much as possible to link your experience to results; link your expertise to the project needs. Tell the interviewer about your impressive GPA and the vast knowledge you have in your field. Let them know what you have that will help improve the status of the company and skills you will apply that will help the company make more money. Don’t forget that as a professional, you must create value as yesterday’s differentiators and competence are more likely to become tomorrow’s taken-for-granted norms.

Handling tough questions

At times, employers ask some questions just for them to see how you will answer or react to it. All you need is a little advanced planning that will help you turn such issues to an opportunity to take the initiative and sell the exact message you want. The best method is to spark a debate if there is an opportunity to do so. But in case you don’t have the chance to do that. Make sure you answer the questions technically, or you open up to them that you don’t have such experience. It will let them believe you are trustworthy.

Focus on yourself

No matter where you have worked or the experience you have gathered, employers are more concerned about your contribution to their company/business. Forming a team will allow you to focus and understand more about the work than any other thing. Believing in something is not sales but a passion for achieving success. Within one hour that you will be going through the interview, make sure you are prepared and bold to answer any question that comes your way. Do not let them assume for you, state reasons why you are giving them answers to questions they are asking you because they might want to use it to know your capabilities.