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How to Prepare for a Business Related Conference

Business conferences are stressful and come with so much preparation, and there are a few things that are sometimes forgotten. Here are some tips to killing it and being prepared at business conferences which should not be neglected.

Dress your best and pack accordingly

The first step to putting your best foot forward is to have a killer look ready for the conference. Usually conferences last around two to four days, so line up your outfits in advance. Simple, sleek, and stylish is the best look to go for when heading to conferences. Ditch ill-fitting blazers and slacks and opt for something that fits you nicely and compliments your skin tone. Knee-length dresses and pencil skirts are great for power outfits. Find some dresses that fit you well and pack them. The great thing about dresses is that there aren’t multiple articles of clothing you have to dry clean and match with your look.

If dresses aren’t your thing, find some patterned pants to pair with a great blazer. This is a great way to show sophistication, while also displaying some personal style. You want to look appropriate without completely blending in with the crowd. Having an eye-catching accessory, bag, briefcase, or tie is another way to spice up your business conference look.

Have personal business cards and work business cards

Business cards are always something to think about in advance. Nothing is worse than when you have an event in a week and realize you don’t have an up-to-date business card! If you’re feeling fancy, make some personal business cards as well to pass out to certain people you meet. Having a personal business card and a work business card is a great idea because it shows your loyalty to your company while also building your personal brand.

For example, if you meet someone who wants to work with your company, you can hand them a work business card. If you meet someone who’s looking for consulting services or something you have to offer, hand them your personalized business card with your email and personal website. Don’t forget to sort out your business card needs well in advance so you can take the time to design them and order them.

Have custom business accessories

A great way to look and feel prepared is by having accessories like smooth-writing pens and custom folders. You then will have a place to store all the papers you need for the conference, and your business cards and flyers from the conference. This also is a great place to store other people’s business cards as well. Keeping quality pens (or even custom pens) is also great because when you have to jot something down, you want a reliable pen that writes well. Nobody likes pulling out pen after pen that doesn’t work.

If you want to get extra fancy, maybe invest in a personalized notebook. With all the proper accessories, you will feel beyond prepared and ready to network and make some connections. Take into consideration all the connections you meet and the opportunities to present yourself in the best light possible. You never know what kinds of opportunities will arise from a work-required conference.

Business conferences don’t have to be filled with nerves and stressful interactions. Take these tips when preparing and you will be ready to impress and succeed in your business ventures. Don’t neglect the power of amazing business cards, killer accessories, and the best professional looks you can find.