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Google and Udacity Open Scholarship Registration for American Programmer

Google and Udacity Open Scholarship Registration for American Programmer

if you’re an Android app developer and are interested in improving your capabilities and your career, Google today announced a scholarship offering for 500 Android developers in the world. The scholarship is an Associate Android Developer Fast Track program administered by The program is designed to support and help developers get Google certification.

Furthermore, the program will provide lessons related to topics they must understand in order to pass the Google Associate Android Developer certification exam. Hopefully, after joining this program, the participants can get the ability and certificate to assist them in finding work in any web site.

This scholarship is designed for those app developers or programmers with a Java-level programming language. Especially for those who want to focus and specialize in Android application development. If you are an American citizen and have approximately one to two years experience in programming and are interested in improving career quality and development, this scholarship is worth a try. The registration for this scholarship has been opened and will close on May 31, 2018.

For additional information, America is one of the countries with high smartphone usage growth. One of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world is Android. So it can be concluded that the Android application market is quite promising in the world. Big and predictable will continue to grow. Opportunities for those professionals in the field of Android app development. Whether it’s a game or any other type of app. Read also Tablet App Development Services

Google has a pretty mature plan for its new video call app, Duo. After releasing it globally in April, Google is now planning to integrate Duo into its Android built an app, making it work just like Face Time on IOS.

So from within the Phone app, Contacts or Messages, users can directly make video calls via Duo. The Duo app itself must, of course, be installed on the device, and the other person should also be a Duo user for this feature to work.

The first share is the first generation of Pixel users, also a line of Nexus and Android One devices. Google ensures that integration Duo will also be present in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, then to various other Android devices over time.

If the carrier used to support the LTE network (video over LTE, continued from Vo LTE), the video call will automatically run over the network. Otherwise, users can still make video calls with anyone who has the Google Duo app on their device.

As I said, this integration will indirectly change the Duo’s role to be more similar to Face Time on IOS. But if Face Time can only be done between users of IOS devices, Duo is not the case because its IOS version actually also exist.