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Background Checks for Childcare

Your children are your world. Their smiles, their laughter, their curiosity for their surroundings is enough to leave you simply bursting. So when it comes to childcare, you want the absolute best. How do you know who to trust leaving your children alone with? There are numerous nannies on sites like Craigslist, and advertising for a nanny in the local paper and various local shops is always another option. Sometimes though, merely meeting a person does not let you know everything you wish to know about them. Triton is here to help you with thorough background checks on potential nannies and babysitters so you can have peace of mind when leaving your children alone. Click here to learn more about Triton and what we can do for you.

What does the background check entail?

All background checks are done with the knowledge and consent of each candidate and all information covered in the background check is that which has been made available to the public. Criminal records and other similar records of that nature will be gathered per individual, perished, and reported to you. Having this information will give you the knowledge you want and need when making the important decision of leaving your children in the care of another.

What are the benefits?

Doing a background check on a possible childcare provider makes you aware of any history of an individual that he or she did not wish to disclose to you upon meeting that may heavily influence your decision upon hiring him or her. Background checks add to the safety of your children and your home. It allows you to hire at your own ethical and moral standards and provides you with the ability to make a firm and unwary decision regarding childcare.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are a couple of drawbacks when it comes to doing background checks, as with everything. As Triton ensures that all background checks are done with the full knowledge and consent of the individual, some applicants may not be comfortable with that. That does not necessarily mean they have anything to hide, simply that they may see it as a breach of privacy despite having a clean record. Thus, you may miss out on a potential childcare provider. This service also comes with a cost. However, Triton will work with you to draw up a contract of service to best fit your budget and needs.

What will my relationship with Triton be like?

    When you work with Triton, you are taking on the best. Triton takes every background check seriously, be it criminal background checks or verifying employment history. The majority of parents work full time and we understand that you simply do not have the time to thoroughly check the background of any potential childcare providers. Working with Triton means we will do the hard work for you, aiming to go above and beyond for you. There are never any hidden fees and if you are not entirely certain about the work we do, we are happy to let you give us a try free of charge on your first hire. Everything we do is to your specifications, all information gathered is publicly available, and all work done for you is done with the utmost transparency. We can guarantee your happiness with Triton.