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Manly Jewelry That You Can Wear

When talking of jewelry, many men normally think of it as a topic that women only are supposed to talk about. However, this isn’t true. Jewelry has been long in use in the ancient times to show the wealth that a man enjoyed. The practice was neglected for quite a while but later re-emerged and ever since there has been development of many types of jewelry for men. While some of the jewelry can be worn by any man, some would not appeal the conservatives.

A ring is one of the most common jewelries you will find men wearing. Wedding rings and other types of rings come in many designs, colors, and shapes. If you have an eye for jewelry, you are bound to go for rings such as fraternal, championship, decorative, and those that show your class. While most men do confine themselves to the wedding ring, you are free to wear as many rings as possible.

Bracelets are used by many for different purposes. Many people prefer to wear them as d?cor or for reasons such as friendship, functional purposes, and cause-related reasons. If you want a great look, consider bracelets that blend your masculinity with class perfectly. Bracelets that are meant for men are usually thicker and are designed from materials such as titanium and gold as well as other tough metals.
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Necklaces are not only easy to wear, but are also comfortable since they hide under your clothing most of the time. It is advisable that if you are bold enough, you should go for unique necklaces that create a statement. Men prefer small necklaces to big ones in a normal setting, however, celebrities and those in the entertainment sector normally wear big necklaces too. However, this trend is better left for those in the entertainment industry as it is used as a show for wealth. When it comes to length, don’t wear a necklace that is longer than 8 inches above your navel. While a necklace is just jewelry, don’t wear it in a business setting as it might look unprofessional.
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Watches nowadays serve as fashion statements other than just a timepiece. When you are buying a watch, consider those that are written in roman numerals since they tend to feel more fashionable than those with normal digits. There are some watches that are made from silver while others are made from gold among other material, therefore while making a choice, go for what you can afford. There are also other types of watches that have diamond crystals on them although this kind is very expensive. For a manly look when wearing these shiny timepieces, go for those that have thick brown or black leather straps.