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The Most Popular Expo Tent Styles Used By Companies Large And Small

Attending an exposition or other significant event is a great way for a company to increase their exposure and build brand awareness. It is important to make the most of the event and make a positive first impression with everyone in attendance. The best way to attract potential customers and give a company a professional image is to set up under an expo tent. Businesses of all sizes are using these attractive and cost effective portable structures to help make any event more successful. Here are the most popular design styles used in the construction of expo tents, and the difference between them.

Standard Square Setup

A classic design is composed of square shape with three walls, one in the back and one on each side. This allows the vendor to set up a table at the front, and keep any items safely tucked away and out of site. They are also ideal for outdoor events, as they provide shelter from rain, and can help keep those working the booth safe and dry. While not as eye-catching as other designs, a standard square tent is a classic setup that can be perfect for any event.

Pagoda Style Tents

Companies who are looking to make a big splash with attendees are opting for pagoda style tents. They are designed with three walls, and most have windows in the side to allow for extra light and visibility. The top of the tent comes to a point and gives the display height that can get it noticed from a distance, which can help attract and pique the attention of those in attendance.

Dome Tents

One of the latest designs to hit the portable expo tent market are dome style tents. While they are a bit more complicated to setup, they provide a unique and attractive appearance that will get any company noticed. Most are surrounded, and are either constructed from a clear material or have windows placed around the perimeter to allow natural light to flow in. They are an attractive option for companies in the technology industry, as they have a cutting edge and futuristic appearance.

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