The Different Security Jobs Available for You

back of a security guard

For those who have received proper training and education, especially in the use of arms, there is a large market out there seeking to employ you. Security concerns have been rising over the years, and there is a demand now more than ever, for hiring in people who can protect others. Security jobs have a long tradition of being noble professions. The ideal security worker is brave and willing to put their life in jeopardy for those they barely know. Ideally, of course, they can find a way to eliminate the situation without loss of life, especially their own. When searching for Phoenix security jobs, however, you should be aware of what form of security you want to work.

As you might expect, like all careers, there is a base employ level. These are the officials you see at the mall or in amusement parks. Workers at this level can usually expect to be paid minimum wage or just a few dollars above it. In addition, while carrying firearms isn’t always necessary, some companies may require you to undergo certain tests in order to be able to carry a firearm. As such, if you’re interested in taking a position as a basic security guard, you should be sure that you know from your employer exactly all of the expectations they have for you.

An armed carrier is a few steps up higher than the basic security guard. These are the men and women you see primarily in the transportation field. Whether it’s transporting cash or other valuables, these security officials see through every phase of the transportation process. Because there’s a heavier threat level to these individuals, they’re also paid a higher amount. For certain jewelry stores and other businesses which provide expensive goods, they may also have an armed carrier to see that the buyer takes their goods safely back to their car.

Surveillance Officers is an increasing market and its demand for workers is also increasing. With more cameras being placed in airports and in other areas, highly trained individuals are required to man those positions and maintain constant vigilance. Because this job also requires a degree of tech savviness, those who work in this position are paid a higher amount than the average security guard. One field, in particular, that is looking to hire surveillance officers are those in the casino industry. To ensure that their customers aren’t attempting to thieve or swindle or cheat the casino, surveillance officers have to have some understanding of gambling games to properly perform their duties.

As you can see, there are varying fields within the security branch of work. Dependent upon your own skill level and comfortability with the risks, you can find the right position for you. Regardless of where you are stationed, you will be joining others in a traditionally-held honorable and noble career. You should find a recruiter and undergo the proper training, so you can start protecting others and making the world a safer place today.