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Plaque Award Of The National Sports Day Celebrations

Some beings sports and parties are considered to concern in the sports world, was awarded the top event of the National Sports Day celebrations in 2016.

The award is given at the person of the exercise carried out by Vice President Jusuf Kalla who is also a guest of honor in the event of the 2016 National Sports Day.

“I am very proud and grateful to all those who receive this award, because they have made proud Indonesia,” Kalla said after the award.

National Sports Day was held as an opportunity to improve athletic performance of Indonesia as a whole started early age (8 years) to seniors (> 17 years). This championship will also be attended by teams from neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The award was given by the government at the person of sporting achievement or the party credited in sports number 600, but symbolically represented only some parties only.

For each participant the championship that achievement will be rewarded as follows:

  • Champion competed each number will get a Gold Medal and plaque awards
  • Second contested each number will get a silver medal and plaque awards
  • Third Place each number that competed will get a Bronze Medal and plaque awards

Receiving the award is a pride for all of us and those closest to us. Because this is the proof of our accomplishments in a business, which has been time-consuming and exhausting and mind.

The award is exactly what spurred us and those around us to be more actively pursue a line of work, business, service, and devotion.

Contribution us real and no-frills given the one which will be judged by those who will give it appreciation.Therefore We will try to help those of you who will give awards to employees, agencies that are already active in your neighborhood.

You can define its own kind of a reward that will be used, may be a brass plaque, plaque perennial, photo plaques, custom awards, plaques and awards, award plaques, custom plaques, personal plaque, plaque.