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Places to Dine in Near the Delhi Airport

The Delhi international airport, also called the Indira Gandhi international airport is the largest airport in India. It is also the busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic as well as cargo and handles more than 40 million passengers in a fiscal year. So if you too, were to be a part of the passengers at Delhi airport, you might want to take a look at the available dine in options, in and around the sprawling aviation hub.

Republic of Noodles: This authentic Asian restaurant is a place where good quality food is of prime importance. It is simple but has chic decor in shades of red, done nicely with wood. It combines Thai and Chinese cuisine and has plenty of hot picks. It is located in a hotel but even so, the prices of the items are quite reasonable.

Akira Back: Akira Back is an in-house restaurant that is takes pride in its opulence, grandeur and splendid food. It is in JW Marriott and has classy decor and beautiful ambience lighting. The food is primarily Korean and Japanese cuisine, and prepared by American chefs. The staff is quite helpful too, and provides all an overall superb experience.

Clever Fox Cafe: This is one of the most budget friendly places to dine in, near the Indira Gandhi international airport. The Clever Fox Cafe provides a variety of food preparations and dishes that are not too heavy on the pocket. Food lovers are encouraged and it is a recommended option. The menu is full of loads of options to delight the taste buds. The restaurant is elegantly decorated too.

K3: The K3 restaurant is the new star of the JW Marriott hotel near the Indira Gandhi international airport, and is one of the most versatile restaurants in the complex. It has a variety of cuisines on offer for all types of taste buds. The main cuisines include the North Indian, the Italian and the Chinese, coupled with a quite impressive dessert menu. The place also has a very good ambience.

Spice It: This dine-in restaurant is a must to for party lovers and spicy eaters. The decor is vibrant and glamorous, yet it is quite minimal and has an artistic touch. Coming to the food, it is very delicious indeed. Also there are many options to choose from, leave alone the multiple cuisines to decide from. North Indian staples, Chinese delicacies, there is something tasty in store for almost everyone. The varieties are mind-blowing and splendid.

Haldiram’s: This place is always crowded – a consequence of the excellent options and varieties of for items in store for each and every person of the family. The range of salted snacks or the namkeens is as vast and delicious as the variety of sweets on offer, or the mithas. From packaged vegetable snacks to simple vegetarian meals there is no option for your taste buds to feel bored. Besides, there is a dine-in thali for each and every occasion.

The Hong Kong Club, AnnaMaya, Juniper Bar, Pling, Club Honk, Cafe Pluck and so on and so forth are some of the best other dine in options to select from. They are not only decorated grandly, but also offer many varieties of food cuisines, coupled with many amenities like wheelchair access, free Wi-Fi and so on.

The Airports Authority of India manages the Delhi airport and its passengers superbly. It is now up to you how you will manage your meals from the plethora of done in options given above, in and near the Delhi airport, or the Indira Gandhi International Airport.