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Why You Need Professional Piano Movers

Moving can be difficult for anybody whether he or she lives with a family or alone, especially when there are many appliances or furniture involved in the process. Moreover, when there is a piano that needs to be handled, the job of moving is never easier. Moving big things like a piano calls for special knowledge or skills. If you do this on your own, not only you risk damaging it, but you risk injury to yourself as well. Thus, it is important to find a mover who can move instruments, such as a piano.

A moving company that specializes in moving home furniture and appliances, is not automatically an expert in moving piano. This is why there is a different company that specializes only in moving this instrument. There are several reasons for that.

First, your piano perhaps is the heaviest stuff in your home. Next, an upright piano weighs about 400 to 900 pounds on the average. Meanwhile, a grand piano on the average weighs between 600 to 1300 pounds. Not everyone can just lift an instrument heavy without risking damage. Third, pianos cost a lot of money and therefore, you need great care to transfer it. Besides the weight and the cost of the instrument, piano movers need knowledge in getting it to go through narrow spaces, staircases or small door frames. This means that there may be instances that the piano would have to be dismantled and put back together. This requires expertise and years of experience.
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There are numerous instances where emergency calls to piano moving companes have been made. There have also been times when customers regret not hiring professionals to move their piano just because they want to save a few hundred bucks. Therefore, for this task, trust no one but professional piano movers.
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There are hundreds of piano movers in Sacramento. Unfortunately, not all of them are the best. In the process of finding a good piano moving company, you need to ask a few people such as former client, to gauge that companies level and years of experience.

It would be great to know if the company is covered by insurance. For your sake, you need to find a company that is covered by Workman’s Safety Insurance, or else, you might be held responsible if a worker suffers injury from handling your piano.

Once you already have identified the best piano moving company, there are still other things to think about. The cost is also a factor and it will depend on the type, the size, the value of the piano and etc. This is ano important thing the company should be able to explain. For those living in the Sacramento area and are looking for a company to move or store their piano, they should check this out. Safeguard your piano for the years to come, trust only the experts.