Common Anxiety-Inducing Questions Your Millennial Employees Face Everyday (and What You Can Do about It)

The early twentieth century found itself awash in different artistic responses to the myriad of socio-economic changes which characterize modernity. Absurdism and Surrealism were born and raised and flourished in such an atmosphere, feeding off a feeling of alienation and anxiety over the modern world. It was this environment which brought us Luis Bunuel and his “eye-opening” Un Chien Andalou, the works of Salvador Dali, and the literary craziness of Franz Kafka.

The modern workplace was often a source of that anxiety – Kafka’s Gregor Samsa was a salesman before awaking to find himself transformed into a cockroach, after all. That tradition has carried on to this day. Everything from Monty Python to Dilbert serve as absurdist pastiches of and savage satirical commentaries on the anxieties of the modern workplace.

For as funny as Dogbert or John Cleese conducting job interviews in Bangkok might be, however, your employees experiencing … Read the rest


The Different Security Jobs Available for You

For those who have received proper training and education, especially in the use of arms, there is a large market out there seeking to employ you. Security concerns have been rising over the years, and there is a demand now more than ever, for hiring in people who can protect others. Security jobs have a long tradition of being noble professions. The ideal security worker is brave and willing to put their life in jeopardy for those they barely know. Ideally, of course, they can find a way to eliminate the situation without loss of life, especially their own. When searching for Phoenix security jobs, however, you should be aware of what form of security you want to work.

As you might expect, like all careers, there is a base employ level. These are the officials you see at the mall or in amusement parks. Workers at this level … Read the rest