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A Comparison of the 3 Most Popular Mattress Types

A good night’s sleep is critical for good health and a sense of well-being and mattresses play a big part in sleep quality. As a result, shoppers who want to get the best mattress for their needs often turn to online guides such as the one at Those who visit here find detailed descriptions of products, which are ranked from most to least popular. Although there are many options, the majority of buyers find that latex, innerspring and memory foam products fit most needs.

Number 3: Natural Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses rate as the least popular of the top 3 but still have a huge fan base. Natural latex is the favorite because it offers excellent support. Quality latex mattresses help to relieve pressure point discomfort. Natural latex made from rubber is also dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. Many clients opt for synthetic latex or hybrids that include both natural and synthetic materials. There is little difference in performance among the better models. Pricing can range from $310 to $1,900.

Number 2: Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have been around for a long time and are some of the most affordable. They are still the most popular in the world. Traditionally innerspring products rated poorly in motion transfer and durability compared to some other types. However, manufacturers like Saatva and Helix have introduced superior products that are highly rated in these categories. Nest Bedding is another highly-regarded company that offers hybrid products with exceptional coils and toppers. Quality styled can cost as little as $284 or as much as $1,110.

Number 1: Memory Foam Mattresses

Users consistently rate memory foam products the highest of all mattress types. They offer exceptional comfort by conforming to sleepers’ bodies. Memory foam can help to relieve soreness, aches and pain. It accomplishes that by displacing pressure along the length of a sleeper’s body. Suppliers like Loom & Leaf, Nectar, Bear and Leesa sell some of the most well-liked models. Depending on their requirements, customers can expect to pay between $270 and $2,100.

There are dozens of excellent mattresses on the market, but shoppers have made natural latex, innerspring and memory foam styles best sellers. They offer the most comfort and a range of product options. All three categories also offer quality products in prices to suit every budget.